Time Recorder

  • We are the pioneer in Taiwan to present printing head time
  • Innovation of introducing humanized tech interface design.
  • Exclusively use liquid crystal dipping needle display- prevent
    from the mechanical discrepancy.
  • Exclusively use chord music bell- let bell not be immobile
  • Bell rings match animation display- being vivid and active.
  • Multiple modes for backlight option- intelligent battery saving
  • Function of back tracking setting
  • Multi-modes for attendance performance- quick installation
    and setting.
  • Digital adjustment for printing position.
  • Sensor failure automatic power-off protection system
  • Many various exclusive patents (please don't try to copy).


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Electronic Checkwriter

  • We are the pioneer producing Micro-computer checkwriter.
  • Exclusive idea to create humanized window positioning design.
  • Digital indication by large LCD.
  • Can calculate 4 formulas and print out the total amount.
  • Can type the same amount repeatedly.
  • Total amount and printed check numbers can be saved into the
    memory indicator.
  • Transparent window position and good visual display.
  • Can be used in any checks,accounting bills and money withdraw
  • Exclusive patents (please don't try to copy).


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  • Versatile use laminating function: photos, business cards,
    guarantee cards, hanging cards, register cards, VIP cards,
    and etc.- color membrane imprint: price labels, cards, bookmarks,
    and etc.
  • This product is roller laminator with two-sided heating, which is
    suitable for photos and cards, also can achieve good effects.
  • We use silicone roller which can resist friction as well as heat-better flexibility, longer use life.
  • The shell is made by high-temperature plastics which can resist
    pressure and not easy to be deformed.
  • The largest width of laminating size is 160 m/m.


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BioMetrics Time Attendance System

  • Record fingerprint by special digital method, without fingerprint
  • Introduce the latest technology of detection- biological distinction
  • Accurate judgment, stable properties with leading level in the
  • Prompt identification- reading speed is between 0.7~0.8 seconds.
  • Intelligent design- fully digital display displays attendance
  • Humanized management- can set up 3 fingerprints and prevent
    from unacceptable identification due to injuries.
  • No need swiping cards and card readers- consumables cost
  • Extreme power saving mode- automatically awaken by pressing fingerprint.
  • Extra large display of Chinese/English LCD operation status.
  • Combination of personnel, attendance, entrance guard and e-management materialization.

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R.F.T.R System

  • Adopt advanced hopping code technique- change inner code
    after the induction each time, difficult to copy, good secrecy
  • Originate CF cards (memory cards) method to memorize- up
    to 42000 swips large capacity, convenience of data storage.
  • Management system software are easy to understand, and can automatically gather statistics of attendance hours for each
    person and preview on PC or print out.
  • Set up keys for in and out during working time-easy to manage
  • Combination of entrance guard- to prevent from illegitimate
  • Inductance swiping cards, no abrasion trouble like general
    magnetic cards.
  • Can be used by single machine, without complex circuit
    construction trouble.
  • Many various exclusive patents (please don't try to copy).


       R.F.T.R System Series >>


  • Time Recorder: card racks, dual-color ribbon cassette.
  • R.F.T.R sensor card: EM code, Hopping code.
  • Electronic Checkwriter: various ink rollers (V12 series, EC-128
    series, W series).


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