Vertex Instruments Co.,Ltd. has been establishing since year 1979, and has an excellent reputation in the world. It's a technology enterprise which combines science, industry & commerce. Vertex company specializes in Biometrics Time Attendance System, Electronic Time Recorders, Electronic Checkwriters, Laminators and RFTR time recording system to meet the different needs of its customers. Its strong and well-trained Research and Design team has been playing an important role while the company has been operating successfully. The management of the company has a focus on the issues related to designing and manufacturing a variety of products to benefit its customers.

In the past years, Vertex has been growing steadily. Its market includes Asia, North & South America, Europe & Africa. In fact, its success was not accomplished easily. On the contrary, it took a lot of time and efforts of its employees and its administrative staff. They all have been devoted so much to the company. Vertex has been devoting on developing high-tech products, and has succeeded in producing high-performance, high-automaticity and high-cumputerized RFTR time recording system. This system reaches the international advanced standard, and makes the technology of time management to a great milestone. Vertex devotes itself to popularizing RFTR time recording system, and makes RFTR time recording system become a new world trend.

Vertex always observe the world's trends and movements to design and manufacture a variety of products to benefit its customers. Vertex and its employees encourage themselves to keep improving the production quality and trying to become more efficient. By doing so, the company can always make its customers satisfied the products and services they received. This will help its customers build up confidence in the company and maintain a nice business relationship with the company. By this good reaction, Vertex is able to keep moving forward becoming a more international, productive, and inventive company. It is easily to find that the company and its employees have faith in themselves, and they are also confident in suppliers and customers. Through their consensue and their confidence, Vertex and its employees can develop a sense of devotion. Therefore, the customers can find satisfaction of Vertex products. Customers' satisfaction enables the company to design more advanced devices. Thus, the company can continue grow, and move toward the goal of becoming more international, and more professional.

Vertex has great and well-trained Research & Design, Marketing and professional administrator. Besides, Vertex has been co-operating with the best Science Research Dept. closely for a long time. Its strength of Development, Applied Investigation, System Maintenance, and Service is abundant.

The company has to respect its employees, with regard to their professional skills and

The respect encourages its employees to work more effectively and professionally. Its employees can also enjoy their work and devote more time and efforts into their work to accomplish the company's ultimate goal. The company, the employees, the customers and the competitors are closely bound together. To respect the customers and the competitors is always one of the important attitudes that Vertex and its employees have. Vertex's employees play a very important role in the manufacturing process. Vertex respects what its employees do in their work and views their work as very meaningful tasks that create a great impact on both of the employees and the company, and also enhance the future of the company.


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